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Medical Billing and Coding Resources

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Whether you currently employ a medical billing company or are considering doing so, E2E Medical Billing Services must be considered. Our ASC Billing Services include entering claims, applying payer edits, monitoring for compliance, submitting claims to all payers, posting payments and denials, submitting secondary claims, resolving denials and under-payments, and managing A/R functions. Our clients routinely see 10 to 40 plus percent increases in collections and 10 to 14-day reductions in Days Outstanding in Accounts Receivable. ASC billing is a combination of hospital and physician billing. Although ASCs use CPT and HCPCS Level II codes to bill most of their services (as do physicians), some payers will allow an ASC to bill ICD-9-CM procedure codes (like a hospital). Some payers even base implant reimbursement on revenue code classification. It’s important to use the proper form when submitting claims. Medicare pays for ASC services under Part B and requires the CMS-1500 claim form. Some third-party carriers will accept the CMS-1500 form, while others allow the UB04. E2E Medical Billing staff is highly trained, certified, and ready to meet your specific needs. We know that each surgery center and each specialty has unique requirements. These are reflected in our personalized service. We strive every day to be an effective business partner. This means regular communications, listening and responding to your questions and concerns, and putting your priorities first. When you entrust E2E Medical Billing Services to provide your billing services, we know you will be concerned about cash flow impacts during the transition. For that reason, we employ a rigorous implementation process covering each detail. Meetings and calls keep you and your staff informed throughout the process. Call us today at 888-552-1290 or email for more information.